You Are Never Too Old To Reinvent Yourself

(My blog post from MORE Magazine)

Reinvention One:  It was 20 years ago, and I was 48. I knew it was time to make a change and to challenge myself. I needed something new, exciting, and challenging. I charted all previous positions and responsibilities. Many duties overlapped, which was to be expected as I had transitioned over the years. But there was no dramatic career change — retail sales and management, clothing design, art sales, and fashion consultant. In every instance I was in a position that required me to sell or market a business or service, and I accomplished it by planning and facilitating special events. This was something that I really enjoyed doing. Research indicated that there was a career to be had in meetings and special events so I took classes, joined associations and then an AHA! moment: reinvention to meeting and event planner.

Reinvention Two: It came about last year when my contract as an independent meeting planner was not renewed. I was sure that I had a problem with the challenging job market and my age. I was too old to start all over again. The thought was overwhelming. In a quandary I proceeded to update my résumé when a very large and very bright light bulb went off in my head. I had another AHA! moment: reinvention to a professional Résumé Writer.

Taking an interest in the process of creating résumés based on help received from a professional Résumé Writer during my first reinvention, I’d done lots of reading and research and enjoyed assisting many colleagues in the process. It became clear to me that this was my next reinvention. Here I am, a woman of a certain age with a new business, a Website, writing résumés for jobseekers all over the globe, facilitating webinars and workshops. You are never too old.

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