Surviving and thriving in the workplace 

4 CEO’s on taking stands and making sure they’re heard

What does it mean for women to have a “voice” in meetings?

How can they navigate around assertiveness, particularly when they are often judged more harshly than men?

 And is much of the conversation around women and leadership really just about power?

These are only a few of the themes that arose during interviews conducted by Adam Bryant for his “Corner Office” column of Sunday November 16, 2014. A departure from his usual interviews., Adam speaks with four executives about the challenges they have faced at work over the years and the advice they would give to other women about surviving and thriving in the workplace.

Interviewed are:

Dara Richardson-Heron,MD – YWCA USA

Jody Greenstone Miller – The Business Talent Group

Sharon Napier – Partners + Napier

Jenny Ming – Charlotte Russe

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