What did you do with your 2012 TO DO LIST???

We’re heading into the end of the second quarter of 2012.  The Words from The Wordsmith Newsletter for January 2012 urged all to say No to resolutions and Yes to creating a WILL DO LIST.

 Whether a personal or professional “WILL DO” list, this was a positive way jumpstart your year.  I suggested reviewing your list the beginning of every month and make changes and updates.  A great idea is to write a new list every quarter. 

 I advocated being proactive:

 I will do more networking by:

-Increasing my attendance at conferences, business and professional events

-Adding 5 contacts a month to my LinkedIn and Facebook Profiles

 NOT: I resolve to do more networking

 I will get more exercise by:

-Walking on the beach every day the temperature is over 40 degrees (My favorite)

– Go up and down the stairs more often (My doctor calls that exertion, I call it exercise!)

  I resolve to exercise

 Do you see the difference?

 On my “Will DO” list: I will revamp my website and have it up and running by the end of the first quarter of 2012.  It took me longer than expected but my new website was launched in May.  Go to www.theresmewordsmith to see the great results.

 Take time in this last month of the second quarter and review and rewrite your WILL DO list for the second half of the year. Write what you will do and the steps you will take to complete the tasks. 

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