TED Talk for Graduates

The Most Important Thing: College Students and Graduates

It’s that time of year – Graduation – when all you want to do is counsel those close to you upon entering college or the workforce as a college graduate. 

Advising your child or family member when they go off to or graduate from college or start their career can be a study in futility. After all what do you know about today’s world? Did you listen to the advice your parents gave?

Here’s a story to share from a TED xUF Talk:

Expelled with a 1.6 GPA to graduating #3 in the U.S. in his major to CEO of the International Rockefeller Foundation by the age of 26.

How did that happen? What kind of advice can this expert on success share that works not only in college but for the rest of their lives?

Watch this short video and pass it on to those that are taking their next step.


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