Meeting Magazine: The Digital Resume

The following article I wrote was published in the first issue of Dawn Penfold’s Meeting Jobs.Com Magazine: Network Opportunities Winter 2015 Issue!

The changes in technology have introduced us to things we never heard of or imagined but are now part of everyday life. As changes in the past five years have impacted planning meetings, they have also influenced the career industry. Technology has changed the way we search for jobs and the way resumes are written. To the uninitiated, it can be overwhelming when they hear:

ATS (Applicant Tracking System), social media profiles, blogging, videos, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Dropbox, networking, networking, and more networking.

According to the latest surveys, over 85 percent of recruiters and hiring managers conduct online research on job seekers, before ever calling them in for an interview.

Now the talk is about digital resumes. Digital resumes are relatively new and as such, the definition is flexible. People in the arts use digital resumes and include graphics and a portfolio of their work. Some create videos and hyperlinks. For the rest of us the basic premise is to make your resume is available online. You can be as creative as your skill set and imagination allows. Whether you’re technically challenged or not you can produce a digital resume.

The first step is to make sure you have a resume that when read by a recruiter, head-hunter or human resources, the reader will go WOW, not SO WHAT! Your resume needs to showcase your achievements NOT a laundry list of your responsibilities. Once you are sure that you have a strong resume you have options as to where you place the document.

Don’t panic if you hear digital resume being bandied about.

If you have a LinkedIn profile you already have a digital resume!!

Why Do You Need a Digital Resume?

A digital resume will boost your online image and show employers you can wonders you can work on a computer, but it will also give you a few other distinct advantages while looking for your dream job:

-Your resume will be available and working for you 24/7.

-By utilizing free analytics services on a resume webpage, you can track who is viewing your resume and how many times they have visited your page.

-You can link to your digital resume from other websites, like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

-Employers and recruiters can find and approach you, rather than limiting it to the other way around.

Posting Your Digital Resume

When it comes to posting a digital resume, there are lots of options for job seekers. The most common are LinkedIn profiles and personal websites.

LinkedIn – At this point in your career you should have a LinkedIn profile. This is one of the easiest ways to put your resume online—especially if you don’t have a lot of digital know-how. It doesn’t require a lot of knowledge about design or the Web only a good resume. The site uses a template that job seekers can cut and paste their information into. It looks clean, professional, and best of all, LinkedIn is a respected business community. The information will be better received simply because it is housed here.

Your profile will show work history, education, recommendations. What is needed on this site is a summary in that pops, written in the first person, showing more of your personality.

Make sure that you post more than a list of your positions/company/dates. Your achievements should be incorporated in the profile taken from your resume.

Definitely include a professional head shot and not a selfie.

Personal Website – If you have a website and it doesn’t have a resume page, you’ll want to add one as soon as possible. Potential employers are looking you up, and if they arrive at your site, they’ll want to see what you are all about., Since you already have their attention seize the opportunity and add your resume on a unique page. Create a new page and copy or upload your resume to the site as a PDF or use WordPress.

There is also a third option.

Try an online resume builder . This is a way to stand out without putting in a lot of extra work . A free online resume builder allows you to host your resume on their site. Easy to use, with dropdown menus leading you through each step of the resume-creation. When it’s done, most let you both download a copy of your resume and host a copy of it on your own private resume web page. All you have to do is give companies a link and you’re set. Just remember you have to start with a great resume.

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