Holiday Networking Tips

Take advantage of the holiday season – Promote your job search or business expansion efforts

Whether you are trying to expand your business or find a new position, don’t take “time off” because it’s the holidays. While others may feel that the holiday season is time to slow down it’s a great time to be diligent and to keep up the search.

Accept as many invitations to network during the holidays as your schedule will allow. This includes holiday gatherings, opportunities to volunteer, attending professional association events, participating in the local Chamber of Commerce, and any other function where people gather.

Be prepared.  Make sure all your tools in place before accepting the first holiday invitation. Is your website is up and running? Is your LinkedIn profile up to date, your resume and bio ready?

Here’s a tip:

Holiday gatherings are not the best place to hand out a resume, bio or company brochure.  It is, however, the perfect time to handout your “POCKET RESUME” a 2 sided business card that provides a convenient capsule of information about your business or highlight the skills and qualifications you possess for the types of jobs and industries you’re targeting. It is an actual elevator speech on a business card.

See the sample below.  Note the information on the back of the card.  It is in essence an “elevator speech.”  A business card is your story in a nutshell.

wordsmith-bus-card_front_low-res          wordsmith-bus-card_back_low-res (2)


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