99 Sites Every Professional Should Know About and Use

Thanks to all who responded to “Bunny Slippers” whether with kudos or other apps and for sharing way too much information on what you wear when working at home.

Here are two more apps that were recommended by several readers:

Wunderlist for to do and reminders

SaneBox prioritizes important email and summarizes the rest in a daily digest, saving the average user over 100+ hours a year on unimportant email.

I was going to ask for more app suggestions but look what I found on

The Muse website:  

99 Sites That Every Professional Should Know About And Use!!!

Topics range from :

Organize Your Work

Streamline Your Life

Learn New Skills

Expand your Brain

Foster Your Creativity

Manage Your Career

Manage Your Money

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Get Your News

Get Distracted


Check out the site and send me your feedback. One of the favorites around here is Coffitivity


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