May I See Your References?

I want to share this article written by Pamela LaGioia, CEO/Founder of Telework Recruiting, based on her interview with me. When it comes to curating  job references, new graduates and those re-entering the workforce can sometimes draw blanks. You crafted the perfect resume and paired it with a cover letter tailored to the employer you […]


Meeting Jobs.Com Magazine: Resume as a Foundation for Your Job Search Portfolio

Your resume is the primary building block for all your marketing collateral showcasing your personal brand, value and accomplishments.


A Resumé That Shows Value

OH, NO! It’s that time…where are my papers? My records? My files? What information do I need? Do I really have to do it again? I dread this. How long will it take?

Tax Time? No.

It’s time to rewrite your résumé.



I usually write about words that I enjoy using or that have a special meaning for me and I know you enjoy reading about them.

This time I’m writing about a horror…one that is just a sample of what’s happening to the English language.