A Resumé That Shows Value

OH, NO! It’s that time…where are my papers? My records? My files? What information do I need? Do I really have to do it again? I dread this. How long will it take?

Tax Time? No.

It’s time to rewrite your résumé.


Dear Mr. LinkedIn About those Changes

For the past few months LinkedIn has been making changes to their site, some good and others not so good. I’m not a LinkedIn expert. I’m simply someone who uses LinkedIn professionally and assists clients in creating and updating their profiles, so when changes occur I go to a LinkedIn guru, Jason Alba, author of “I’m on LinkedIn – Now What.” To keep up with the current changes Jason facilitated a 2+ hour webinar last week to review the changes. Here are just a few changes that I want to share with you.


What did you do with your 2012 TO DO LIST???

Creating a WILL DO List for the second half of 2012


Think About the Whole – The Mandala Concept

Using the Mandala concept as a tool in conducting in business. Think of all the client might need or how your product touches the client



We all spend much of our time networking. Sometimes there are individuals that you just click with.


Are you who Google says you are?

When was the last time you Googled yourself or your company? What did you find? A friend found that he has the same name as a celebrity hairdresser – not something he wants to show up when someone searches for him. 85% of recruiters will Google you to find out more information. What will they find?



I usually write about words that I enjoy using or that have a special meaning for me and I know you enjoy reading about them.

This time I’m writing about a horror…one that is just a sample of what’s happening to the English language.


You Are Never Too Old To Reinvent Yourself

I knew it was time to make a change and to challenge myself. I needed something new, exciting, and challenging. How to do that?


Tis The Season for Pocket Résumés

This show-and-tell piece is a great way to briefly articulate your professional story and go a step beyond the basic business card that only includes your contact information.