A Resumé That Shows Value

OH, NO! It’s that time…where are my papers? My records? My files? What information do I need? Do I really have to do it again? I dread this. How long will it take?

Tax Time? No.

It’s time to rewrite your résumé.

Why the fear of writing your résumé? I have found that most people have no idea as to what their accomplishments are. When they compose their résumé they write a laundry list of responsibilities. That doesn’t show any VALUE to the hiring company. All meeting planners have the same basic responsibilities more or less: site selections, contract negotiations, AV, F&B, registration and housing. My response to that is:


The hiring manager needs to know what you did above and beyond that. The best advice I can give anyone attempting to write their own résumé is to get over being uncomfortable when you think about your accomplishments. It’s not bragging.

Here’s an exercise to help. Start with your current or last job as it is still fresh in your mind. Write down your title then a brief summary of responsibilities. Next take your time think of projects that you’ve worked on. Was there a challenge you faced? What actions did you take to alleviate the problem? What were the results of your actions? Did you save your employer or client money or time? What did you do to accomplish that? Did you initiate new procedures? How did that help? Do one sheet for each position and remember – It’s not bragging if you did it. It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

More advice: Start keeping a record of your work and accomplishments when you start your new job. It will be easier in the long run when the time comes to create a new résumé

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  1. 1 Jane Helper said at 10:17 am on March 28th, 2013:

    Great advice! Thanks Lois.

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