STRESS: anxiety – apprehension – pressure – strain- tension

Whether work-related or personal, being stressed is not fun and is counter-productive.

Rainy days and Mondays, the let down after the holidays, winter blues (known as SNOW), a difficult client, a challenging co-worker, a project not going as smoothly as expected, SNOW, a demanding boss, the WEATHER, family issues and let’s not forget SNOW. Even a bad cup of coffee can cause stress levels to rise.

It’s so easy to give advice to others. One of my previous communications blithely talked about Positivity. I challenged you to strive for Positivity in 2015 but it was hard for me to do last week. Disconcerting news about health issues of family and friends left me feeling stressed. Added to that working on a rush project and a deadline for an article AND the cold weather in Florida (okay, so it hit a low of 40 here in Delray Beach, Florida. It’s not New York City cold but it’s not beach weather either) and stress arrived full-force. I had to take my own advice!

An e-card from a dear friend and colleague with beautiful butterflies started to lessen my stress. Kitten photos from one daughter and a bouquet of red Gerbera daisies and yellow roses from my other daughter, completed the process. How can you stay stressed when you’ve got red and yellow flowers on your desk? I had a flashback and remembered a position I had many years ago working in the basement of a building in NYC where a team of 6 meeting planners were located, working on a big project. To cheer us up and brighten the atmosphere, I brought in flowers every Monday.

Meditation and Yoga are good stress busters. So is chocolate ice cream. This is not a scientific study.  I’m not making light of stress BUT if you need immediate relief here are three suggestions that I, this very irreverent and decidedly non-corporate individual, have used over the years:

 KALEIDOSCOPE – get a kaleidoscope for your desk.  Just looking at the designs and colors gracefully moving can calm you down. This is a great tool for C-level executives. I often give kaleidoscopes as a congratulatory gift to colleagues when they hit that C-level.

Oh, my! I Googled kaleidoscope to find out where I could buy one for my desk and guess what? There is a 2015 Kaleidoscope Convention and a Kaleidoscope Society. What fun. Now aren’t you less stressed just knowing that!


FLOWERS – yes, stop every Monday morning and pick up flowers at your local market or green grocer. Just looking at them will lower your stress level. Sunflowers are perfect for rainy days and Mondays.


There are always flowers for those who want to see them” –  Henri Matisse   

HERE’S THE BEST – though terribly unprofessional


BUBBLES – the kind your mom bought you when you were a kid! I always kept a bottle on my desk and in difficult stressful moments I would just open the bottle, take out the dripping sticky wand and blow. What an immediate feeling of happiness, joy and laughter. This brought back memories of a carefree childhood.


    I used to keep several bottles by my desk and colleagues knew where to find them. When    used the atmosphere in the office changed immediately and we had new-found energy.

When was the last time you laughed out loud and with absolute delight?

 Promise to keep bubbles and flowers on your desk  

And kittens in your heart.


 Projects will get done and the weather will get better.  

I guarantee it.



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